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Trifold Menus: Elegant Dining Solutions

Impress with our Trifold Menus, offering ample space and versatile customisation. Choose from various finishes. Unlimited design revisions ensure a perfect fit for your event.

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Introducing Our Trifold Menus: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Enhance your dining experience with our Trifold Menus, designed to impress with their spacious layout and versatile customisation options.

Key Features:

  • Ample Printable Real Estate: Our Trifold Menus offers generous space for showcasing your menu items, table numbers, and even guest lists, all within a compact and organized design that doesn’t feel crowded.
  • Versatile Finishing Options: Choose from a variety of finishing options, including texture, paper, and foil, to customise your menus to match your event’s theme and ambience.
  • Unlimited Design Revisions: Enjoy the freedom to make unlimited design revisions and customisations, ensuring your Trifold Menus perfectly reflect your style and preferences.

Why Choose Our Trifold Menus?

  • Practical and Elegant: With their spacious layout and organized design, our Trifold Menus strike the perfect balance between practicality and elegance, enhancing the dining experience for your guests.
  • Tailored to Your Taste: With multiple finishing options and unlimited design revisions, our Trifold Menus can be customised to suit any event, from casual gatherings to formal occasions.

Elevate your dining experience with our Trifold Menus, the perfect blend of practicality and sophistication.

Additional information

Trifold Menu Size

A4 (210h), SRA3 (310h)

Paper Options

Brown Craft (craft) 300GSM, Gloss (shiny gloss) 300GSM, Ice White (mettalic white) 300GSM, Linen (textured) 270GSM, Oyster Shell (mettalic soft pink) 300GSM, Polar Dawn (mettalic ivory) 300GSM, Via Felt (textured) 270GSM