In Loving Memory Candle


Personalized Memory Candle: Tribute to Loved Ones

Customise your tribute with a photo print included. Option of ribbon base for added elegance.

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Introducing Our In Loving Memory Candle: Personalized Tribute

Honour the memory of your loved ones with our Personalized In Loving Memory Candle, a heartfelt tribute to those who are no longer with us.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Tribute: Each candle is personalized to commemorate your loved ones, providing a meaningful way to remember and honour their memory.
  • Photo Print Included: Your candle includes a photo print with unlimited design revisions, allowing you to create a custom tribute that reflects the essence of your loved one.
  • Custom Ribbon Base: Choose from the option of a custom ribbon base to enhance the presentation and significance of your candle.


  • Candle: 24cm high, circumference 23cm
  • Label (with ribbon base): 80mm x 120mm
  • Label (without ribbon base): 80mm x 180mm

Why Choose Our In Loving Memory Candle?

  • Personalized Tribute: Our candles provide a heartfelt tribute to your loved ones, offering comfort and solace during difficult times.
  • Customised Design: With unlimited design revisions and the option of a custom ribbon base, our candles can be tailored to capture the unique spirit and personality of your loved one.

Keep their memory alive with our In Loving Memory Candle, a personalized tribute that honours their legacy with love and reverence.

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